Clean like a mother

Clean like a mother…

Before our son was born, we made a goal to try and replace all of the household cleaners in our home with safe, plant-based products. My husband and I agreed that purchasing products that were kind to babies, animals and the environment was a win win win and Method cleaning products checked all of those boxes (including being kind to our budget).

I started out with the Method dish soaps. I stocked up on a few of these bad-boys from Target before my son was born with the intention of using them for washing bottles and now I use it exclusively for washing all of our dishes. The idea of using regular soaps on something my son is going to drink out of/put in his mouth just didn’t jive with me.. Don’t ask me why, I know I was raised with good ‘ol Dawn dish soap and we all turned out fine! But our access to better products these days is so much more abundant and cost effective than it used to be and using plant based cleaners makes me feel like I kind of have my shit together for some reason..

Let’s be honest, all of us mom’s have gotten behind on washing the bottles that have slowly collected next to the sink all week.. This soap makes a nasty job so much more enjoyable. The unique scents (My fav is Lemon Mint) quickly replace the smell of old formula and I never have to deal with cloudy or stinky bottles and nipples.. Shout out to my breast feeding mamas who don’t have to smell stinky formula! -You will still love this soap though.

Since finding Method, I have replaced our all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners and floor cleaners. Here are my favorite, tried-and-true products:


Give them a try! They won’t disappoint.



3 thoughts on “Clean like a mother

  1. This is an awesome read! I have been using 7th generation laundry detergent and dish soap, but now want to give Method a try (especially if it is cheaper!) I am totally going to try the floor cleaner now that my kiddos are crawling everywhere, I have been feeling weird about using our swiffer wet jet floor cleaner.


  2. Sorry Laura- Put in wrong info, this is the correct one!!!

    Love the blog!!! Look forward to more of your posts! I’m in the same boat as you and want to find the right healthy products for our family!


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