Fussy baby? Add this to your bedtime routine

One thing I have learned as a new mom, a bedtime routine is ESSENTIAL for our little ones.. My son was a fantastic sleeper from day one. That was until he was about 4 months old and it slowly went downhill from there.

I started reaching out to other mom’s in my community for advice and every single one of them told me, “a bedtime routine is essential”. So at that point, it was time for me to decide what we needed that routine to look like..

Adding essential oils was something I definitely wanted to incorporate but I knew that putting pure essential oils on your babe was a big no-no. Pure essential oils are so highly concentrated that they can irritate and even burn our babies delicate skin! I started with just putting lavender essential oils in his humidifier at night but the scent didn’t stick around long so I started looking into roll-on’s. I found Oilogic at our local Target store and threw it in my basket along with a Nose-Frida (I will get to that bad-boy later..) and headed to the check out.

That night, we started our evening routine with dinner, hoping that incorporating food would help him stay asleep longer. After dinner, we gave him a warm bubble bath and followed that up with his Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On on his chest and behind his ears. I got Oakes into his jammies and left him to play on the floor for a minute while I made him a bottle and I turn around to find him PASSED OUT on the floor.. I kid you not, here he is:

IMG_3616 (1)

I immediately texted my mom and sister and got on the computer to order some for my sister who is expecting her first baby very shortly!

Oilogic is now a part of our bedtime routine every night and I have since added the Oilogic Sleep & Slumber Lotion after bath time. I give Oakes a baby massage with it before we get jammies on and I think I love the smell just as much as he does! Call me crazy but the smell almost reminds me of fruit loops. It’s absolutely addicting..

If you have a teether or a non-sleeper, I encourage you to try these products. They are affordable and for our little family, they were worth every single penny.



12 thoughts on “Fussy baby? Add this to your bedtime routine

  1. Love this – our bedtime routine always includes essential oils, along with our book, prayers and song. I have never heard of this brand – I will definitely check it out!

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    1. YES. I use the lotion all over my son after his bath and do a quick little baby massage and then put the roll-on oil on his chest, behind his ears and a dot under his nose ❤ you are going to LOVE how this smells, my husband loves it too!


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