White noise for your nursery

My mom always says, “There are so many products around now that we didn’t have when I was having babies..” and it’s so true. I’m currently sitting in front of the computer with my 5th cup of coffee, watching my sweet Oakes sleep and thinking about how grateful I am for him and all of the amazing products we have found to make parenthood so enjoyable.

One of my favorite products (which was a complete impulse buy..) is the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and Sound Machine. I think I saw this nifty product on Shark Tank while I was pregnant but obviously didn’t think much of it because I didn’t have a baby yet.

From day one, my son has needed background noise to sleep. I consider myself lucky because he was able to sleep right through a knock at the door, the dog barking or me loading the dishwasher while he napped. At night and during nap time, I would play white noise off of YouTube but had the issue of loud Ads playing in the middle of the night and scaring me and my husband awake when the video was over and moving onto the next..

At Christmas, Oakes got Target gift cards from his uncles but it wasn’t until March that I remembered them and remembered the Hatch machine I had seen on Shark Tank. I’m kind of a frugal mama so normally, I wouldn’t have spent $60 on a noise machine but given that I needed to use his gift cards, I went for it.


This little gadget has been an absolute STAPLE for us and every mama who has a babe that needs noise in their room should have this. There are so many choices of sounds and light colors and the best feature is the option to preset “Favorites” where you can schedule your Hatch to turn on at certain times. For Oakes, his Hatch automatically comes on at 7:00 pm which tells us it’s time to start our bedtime routine! We have his preset with white noise and orange glow and it promptly shuts off at 6:00 am when it’s time to get up.

I can control this little wonder from the app on my phone but don’t worry! There are controls on the base of the Hatch so the babysitter can operate it, too.


If you are having trouble with your little one staying asleep or maybe they are sensitive to every little noise in the house, give this a try! It was worth every penny.



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