NoseFrida® vs Bulb Syringe

Before I had my son, I had so many mom’s tell me I needed a Nose Frida on my registry. I politely agreed but in my head I was saying, “HELL NO!”

I was NOT about to stick a tube in my MOUTH and SUCK THE BOOGERS OUT OF MY KIDS NOSE. I was naive and never actually looked into how the Nose Frida worked and figured a bulb syringe would do just fine. And it did! For quite a while we used the nice bulb syringes they sent us home with from the hospital and they worked great!

It wasn’t until Oakes got a nasty cold and I grabbed the bulb syringe to clear his congested little nose and smelled a HORRIBLE smell.. Like straight up, old leftovers you forgot in a Tupperware. Ya.. That bad..

Now, if you want nightmares, look up images of the inside of a bulb syringe. Or don’t and just silently toss yours in the trash can.. And for the record, I did regularly clean my bulb syringes after use with vinegar and hot water.

So off to Target we went for Saline Spray, a Nose Frida, Vicks, a new Humidifer and anything and everything I could possibly find to make my baby feel better.. Because what I didn’t know when I was pregnant is that I would do absolutely anything for my little boy including sucking his boogers out through a plastic tube..

I got home and opened up the package to find a flexible tube that clicked into a plastic chamber with a tapered tip. There is a little foam piece that acts as a filter between the two pieces so no boogers can escape and go up the tube. The red piece goes in your mouth and the the plastic chamber with the tapered tip goes in your little ones nostril and you suck! I don’t know if it’s a common problem but I always felt like the suction from a bulb syringe was too strong and sometimes I would see a little blood in his snot.. I have never had that issue with the Nose Frida because it’s so much easier to regulate the suction.

The fact that everything is transparent made it easy to see what was coming out, what color and how much. When you are done, you simply pull the pieces apart and rinse with soapy water! No more mystery mildew filled bulb syringes!

Now, if you use bulb syringes and they work great for you, GOOD! They do work great! Just make sure you thoroughly wash them after each use and dry them out to the best of your ability. Also, think about tossing and replacing them after a period of time or after heavy use. Or, give a Nose Frida a try! I was a skeptic and I am happy to say I am converted.



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