NoseFrida® vs Bulb Syringe

Before I had my son, I had so many mom’s tell me I needed a Nose Frida on my registry. I politely agreed but in my head I was saying, “HELL NO!”

I was NOT about to stick a tube in my MOUTH and SUCK THE BOOGERS OUT OF MY KIDS NOSE. I was naive and never actually looked into how the Nose Frida worked and figured a bulb syringe would do just fine. And it did! For quite a while we used the nice bulb syringes they sent us home with from the hospital and they worked great!

It wasn’t until Oakes got a nasty cold and I grabbed the bulb syringe to clear his congested little nose and smelled a HORRIBLE smell.. Like straight up, old leftovers you forgot in a Tupperware. Ya.. That bad..

Now, if you want nightmares, look up images of the inside of a bulb syringe. Or don’t and just silently toss yours in the trash can.. And for the record, I did regularly clean my bulb syringes after use with vinegar and hot water.

So off to Target we went for Saline Spray, a Nose Frida, Vicks, a new Humidifer and anything and everything I could possibly find to make my baby feel better.. Because what I didn’t know when I was pregnant is that I would do absolutely anything for my little boy including sucking his boogers out through a plastic tube..

I got home and opened up the package to find a flexible tube that clicked into a plastic chamber with a tapered tip. There is a little foam piece that acts as a filter between the two pieces so no boogers can escape and go up the tube. The red piece goes in your mouth and the the plastic chamber with the tapered tip goes in your little ones nostril and you suck! I don’t know if it’s a common problem but I always felt like the suction from a bulb syringe was too strong and sometimes I would see a little blood in his snot.. I have never had that issue with the Nose Frida because it’s so much easier to regulate the suction.

The fact that everything is transparent made it easy to see what was coming out, what color and how much. When you are done, you simply pull the pieces apart and rinse with soapy water! No more mystery mildew filled bulb syringes!

Now, if you use bulb syringes and they work great for you, GOOD! They do work great! Just make sure you thoroughly wash them after each use and dry them out to the best of your ability. Also, think about tossing and replacing them after a period of time or after heavy use. Or, give a Nose Frida a try! I was a skeptic and I am happy to say I am converted.



Morning Sickness sucks, try this

For the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy with Oakes, I unluckily had morning sickness. Or as I called it, all-day sickness. It started around week 6 and I was just miserable. I even remember telling my husband, “This is the only child you are going to get.”

I did a lot of reading and internet scouring to see what helped other women but ultimately just started trying anything that I thought could give me relief.

I tried eating small meals and nibbling on crackers but the literal thought of eating a saltine made me cringe. I also tried sucking on sugar-free lemon drops but often just had to spit them out because I couldn’t stomach them.

Eventually, I had enough of the heaves and made a trip to Target to find something that would work. Here is what I purchased:

I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t have a magic cure for morning sickness.. I never tried Preggie Pops or Sea Bands but a combination of the items above did give me windows of relief so I could get through a work day.

I found that real Ginger was in fact very soothing on my upset tummy so taking Ginger capsules a few times a day and sipping on Ginger Ale was my go-to. When my stomach was settled, I drank Vitamin Water, ate applesauce cups and cinnamon raisin toast. I tried to stick to the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. So, just minus the bananas and rice..

In the first trimester of my pregnancy, I had to fly for work twice (BARF) and I lost a total of 15 pounds! It was tough but if you are in the same boat I was, give Ginger a try. Ginger ANYTHING, as long as it’s real and not artificial flavoring. RIP to the numerous Big Mac’s I thought I could handle and ultimately threw up..

Please share below what worked for you and your pregnancy, you never know what could benefit another mama out there!


Beating Diaper Rash in 24 hours

Recently, my son had the worst diaper rash pop up out of nowhere. We attributed it to a pesky little tooth trying to surface.. We were a few days into our battle when I picked him up from daycare to find him absolutely wailing because his butt hurt so bad. Enough was enough. I would not let my little man suffer! We headed straight to Target and this is what I grabbed:

I mostly went with the Target brand for everything given that I didn’t know what was going to work for him yet.

Prior to my shopping trip, I had tried:

The Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Diaper Cream and Baby Powder is an awesome product but is better suited for preventing diaper rash and I think the Zinc based products were irritating my sons bum more..

When we got home from Target, my first step was to start a bath with the Aveeno Baby Bath Treatment. My biggest hope for this product is that it would be soothing on his sore skin and give him some relief. My husband has Eczema and sensitive skin so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. While in the tub, my son was finally happy as a clam and didn’t seem to have any discomfort so from that standpoint, I think it served it’s purpose.

After his bath, I laid an old, loved quilt out on the living room floor so my son could crawl around and air out without his diaper for a while. After about an hour, I applied the Petrolatum based Baby Healing Ointment, a little baby powder on top so his diaper didn’t stick to him and put him to bed.

I took the next day off from work, I was on a mission to beat this diaper rash and give my baby some relief. I alternated between using the Lanolin and Petrolatum based Diaper Rash Ointment (Similar to A+D Original Ointment) and the Petrolatum based Baby Healing Ointment (Similar to Baby Aquaphor) and let him air out in between diaper changes. I avoided using the Zinc based products because like I mentioned, I think they were irritating my skins son more.

By the end of the day, Oakes diaper rash had improved by leaps and bounds and his daycare ladies were impressed at how well we were able to tackle it in a day. As the redness and sore healed and he no longer needed the ointments, I used a cornstarch based baby powder to keep the area dry to prevent a relapse.

What works for one baby doesn’t always work for all. Getting advice on what works from others is great. If you have a tried-and-true method or product for getting rid of your son or daughters diaper rash, please share it here!


White noise for your nursery

My mom always says, “There are so many products around now that we didn’t have when I was having babies..” and it’s so true. I’m currently sitting in front of the computer with my 5th cup of coffee, watching my sweet Oakes sleep and thinking about how grateful I am for him and all of the amazing products we have found to make parenthood so enjoyable.

One of my favorite products (which was a complete impulse buy..) is the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and Sound Machine. I think I saw this nifty product on Shark Tank while I was pregnant but obviously didn’t think much of it because I didn’t have a baby yet.

From day one, my son has needed background noise to sleep. I consider myself lucky because he was able to sleep right through a knock at the door, the dog barking or me loading the dishwasher while he napped. At night and during nap time, I would play white noise off of YouTube but had the issue of loud Ads playing in the middle of the night and scaring me and my husband awake when the video was over and moving onto the next..

At Christmas, Oakes got Target gift cards from his uncles but it wasn’t until March that I remembered them and remembered the Hatch machine I had seen on Shark Tank. I’m kind of a frugal mama so normally, I wouldn’t have spent $60 on a noise machine but given that I needed to use his gift cards, I went for it.


This little gadget has been an absolute STAPLE for us and every mama who has a babe that needs noise in their room should have this. There are so many choices of sounds and light colors and the best feature is the option to preset “Favorites” where you can schedule your Hatch to turn on at certain times. For Oakes, his Hatch automatically comes on at 7:00 pm which tells us it’s time to start our bedtime routine! We have his preset with white noise and orange glow and it promptly shuts off at 6:00 am when it’s time to get up.

I can control this little wonder from the app on my phone but don’t worry! There are controls on the base of the Hatch so the babysitter can operate it, too.


If you are having trouble with your little one staying asleep or maybe they are sensitive to every little noise in the house, give this a try! It was worth every penny.


Fussy baby? Add this to your bedtime routine

One thing I have learned as a new mom, a bedtime routine is ESSENTIAL for our little ones.. My son was a fantastic sleeper from day one. That was until he was about 4 months old and it slowly went downhill from there.

I started reaching out to other mom’s in my community for advice and every single one of them told me, “a bedtime routine is essential”. So at that point, it was time for me to decide what we needed that routine to look like..

Adding essential oils was something I definitely wanted to incorporate but I knew that putting pure essential oils on your babe was a big no-no. Pure essential oils are so highly concentrated that they can irritate and even burn our babies delicate skin! I started with just putting lavender essential oils in his humidifier at night but the scent didn’t stick around long so I started looking into roll-on’s. I found Oilogic at our local Target store and threw it in my basket along with a Nose-Frida (I will get to that bad-boy later..) and headed to the check out.

That night, we started our evening routine with dinner, hoping that incorporating food would help him stay asleep longer. After dinner, we gave him a warm bubble bath and followed that up with his Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On on his chest and behind his ears. I got Oakes into his jammies and left him to play on the floor for a minute while I made him a bottle and I turn around to find him PASSED OUT on the floor.. I kid you not, here he is:

IMG_3616 (1)

I immediately texted my mom and sister and got on the computer to order some for my sister who is expecting her first baby very shortly!

Oilogic is now a part of our bedtime routine every night and I have since added the Oilogic Sleep & Slumber Lotion after bath time. I give Oakes a baby massage with it before we get jammies on and I think I love the smell just as much as he does! Call me crazy but the smell almost reminds me of fruit loops. It’s absolutely addicting..

If you have a teether or a non-sleeper, I encourage you to try these products. They are affordable and for our little family, they were worth every single penny.


Clean like a mother

Clean like a mother…

Before our son was born, we made a goal to try and replace all of the household cleaners in our home with safe, plant-based products. My husband and I agreed that purchasing products that were kind to babies, animals and the environment was a win win win and Method cleaning products checked all of those boxes (including being kind to our budget).

I started out with the Method dish soaps. I stocked up on a few of these bad-boys from Target before my son was born with the intention of using them for washing bottles and now I use it exclusively for washing all of our dishes. The idea of using regular soaps on something my son is going to drink out of/put in his mouth just didn’t jive with me.. Don’t ask me why, I know I was raised with good ‘ol Dawn dish soap and we all turned out fine! But our access to better products these days is so much more abundant and cost effective than it used to be and using plant based cleaners makes me feel like I kind of have my shit together for some reason..

Let’s be honest, all of us mom’s have gotten behind on washing the bottles that have slowly collected next to the sink all week.. This soap makes a nasty job so much more enjoyable. The unique scents (My fav is Lemon Mint) quickly replace the smell of old formula and I never have to deal with cloudy or stinky bottles and nipples.. Shout out to my breast feeding mamas who don’t have to smell stinky formula! -You will still love this soap though.

Since finding Method, I have replaced our all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners and floor cleaners. Here are my favorite, tried-and-true products:


Give them a try! They won’t disappoint.